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Lasdrop Shaft Seals

Lasdrop Shaft Seals is the only manufacturer of BOTH mechanical face seals, and lip seals. Leveraging 40+ years of longevity in the marine industry, Lasdrop has become one of the finest manufacturers of commercial and recreational shaft seals available on the market today.

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Revolutionary quality and design, introducing our complete line of

Lasdrop Shaft Seals

Gen 2 Seal

Mechanical Face Seal

Commerical Grade - Our heaviest duty seal available on the market.

Available in 7/8" - 4" sizes

Elite Seal

Lip Seal

Heavy Duty with integrated back-up seal in our heavy duty housing.

Available in 7/8" - 4" sizes

Dry Seal

Lip Seal

A proven workhorse that is cost efficient and effective for any boat.

Available in 7/8" - 4" sizes

Parts & Accessories

Keeping your seal in peak condition

Gen2 Rod Seal Replacement Kits

Keep your Gen2 in peak working order with our Rod Seal Replacement Kit which will allow you to recondition your pressure housing to peak working order.

Kit includes: Rod Seals, Starter Plug, Wet/Dry Paper & Installation Guide

Premium Lip Seals

Our premium seals are made of Nitrile with an integrated stainless steel garter spring. We stock all of our standard sizes and are ready to ship to you for immediate replacement.

45+ Years In The Marine Industry

From its origins in the French Navy, Lasdrop, developed the first dripless shaft seal for sailing vessels in 1975, and the storied legacy makes this one of the finest manufacturers of both Mechanical Face Seals and Lip Seals. Here is the history of Lasdrop.


Lasdrop developed the first dripless shaft seal for sailing vessels


Dripless shaft seals were developed and put into production for power boat use


Seal designs enter the age of evolution, and the Gen2 face seal is created by Lasdrop.


Paul VanDerMaas takes ownership of Lasdrop and the company grows to have a global footprint


Kyle Mosher purchases the company from Paul & continues and grows a legacy of quality & performance around the globe

Precision in every seal…

Clean. Dry. Reliable.

We are one of the industry leaders in marine shaft seal design and development. We are constantly innovating and looking to improve on our dripless designs. For over 45 years, Lasdrop has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality seals found on the market. With innovations that are unique to Lasdrop, we pride ourselves on prompt service and delivery of your products with the utmost precision built into every single one of our seals.