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With almost 40 years of business, we still believe in ensuring our customers are satisfied, not only with our products but our service as well. These testimonials are truly dear to us. Without the support and recommendations from our customers, we may not be where we are today. Thank you!

Our Mission:
Nautical Specialties is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Lasdrop propeller and rudder shaft seals for the marine industry. We are the technology, innovation and quality leaders in the eyes of our customers. We will continuously improve our product’s quality, effectiveness, and usability to exceed their expectations.

We will do business honestly and with integrity, always striving to deliver superior value and support to our customers.

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“The First Sailing to Cross Hudson Bay” Leslie and Carolann Sike reached their goal in the AQUA STAR sailing through the Hudson Bay in a sub-arctic expedition using Lasdrop seals.

In 1985, a sub-arctic sailing expedition across the Hudson Bay earned Leslie and Carolann Sike the “Cruising World Metal”. AQUA STAR was the FIRST sailing yacht ever to enter Canada’s Arctic Seaport in Churchill, Manitoba. Read more…

“What a pleasant surprise, after 20 years I found my own testimonial on your website.

Aqua Star was sold and I am in the process of building another boat. By the way, the original LASDROP is still on the Aqua Star and just as functional as the day it was installed. After the Hudson Bay expedition Aqua Star sailed to Leningrad U.S.S.R (now St. Petersburg) via Green Land Island, the estimated mileage on the LASDROP was 40,000 miles.
The new boat will be a Motor Sailer with a pilot house as I am going back to the arctic. The name of the new boat LABRADOR STAR suggests where she will do most of her cruising.”

Capt. Leslie Sike
Captain of Aqua Star

"As opposed to the competitors, the Gen II is a much more robust product, particularly at the tube. We especially like the floating feature on the Gen II to maintain alignment of the shaft. It’s a great product for particularly large vessels with larger engines and shafts. It’s much better than the competitor leaving less points to fail. I believe it would outlast the normal 6 – 7 years normally needed. It’s priced competitively, making it easier to decide. In fact, I own a boat with 1 ¾ shafts and in the spring, I will be installing the Gen II for my personal use."

Pitman Yacht Services


"As being from the old school of “if it works, why change it?”, I had a number of customers who requested dripless seals in the boats I was building for them. After installing the first Lasdrop, almost 12 years ago, I have never had even one issue with any of them. They have become the “dripless seal” that I now recommend today! "

David Deschamps
Nauset Marine


"We installed the "Lasdrop" Shaft Seal in our 36’ Mariner Ketch when I got tired of emptying out the lazarette, climbing down into the bilge and tightening the packing on my traditional stuffing box.We have worn our way through one plastic seal and except for the time the shaft slipped out of the coupling, we have had NO WATER (other than rain) in the bilge. A really trouble free and effective shaft seal."

Captain Thomas Hard


"I would like to report that the seals are functioning perfectly in the double-ended tug ADDIE B on service here in Lake Champlain.

This is the fifth season now that we have used your seals and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

If they do well in our situation, with silt, half time reversing and very long hours, I am sure that they would be trouble-free and profitable for just about any service. Zero down time and no shaft wear mean good sailing."

Thanks for your cooperation,
Very truly, James Bullard
Shorewell Ferries, Inc.


"Thank you for your prompt delivery of the Lasdrop Shaft Seal. The Ramblin’ Rose Riverboat was launched on schedule and your seal worked as designed."

Best Regards,
Capt. Dane L. Mark


"At first we were concerned about the Lasdrop seal because of the ice cold water, which may make the neoprene bellows to rigid to seal properly. But no fear, the Lasdrop seal worked just perfect, even at higher rpms with the engine slightly out of balance. The Lasdrop seal was tested under the most severe conditions and came through with excellent results.

Once again, thank you and congratulations on an excellent product."

Capt. Leslie Sike
Captain of Aqua Star


"I have had a Lasdrop Shaft Seal on my Hylas 44 since we took delivery of PERSUASION and love it. It has performed flawlessly for almost 2600 hours of engine operation and 16,000 miles of sailing, including three years of living aboard in the Bahamas."

Donald A. Dery
Newport, RI


"We are pleased with your product – it works and lasts. Frankly, when I first saw your seal I was dubious – but after more than 3 years of use on two boats and 4380 hours of use between Norfolk and Florida I am a believer."

Fred Kessler
Marine Adventures


"I am writing to you to report that my Lasdrop hasn’t leaked a drop in 4 years. Its on a 1" shaft Yanmar 30 diesel on my custom 34’ cruiser. At this date are there any replacement parts or is there anything I need to do? Should the bellows be replaced?"

Tony Johnson
Competition Sails, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL


"Enclosed is my original Lasdrop. It was installed in our 36’ sailboat and saw us to Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii and back. We have about 2000 hours on our engine. During this time we had the misfortune of bending two propeller shafts – we are now on number three. The original Lasdrop was installed on all three shafts. We have never needed to replace even the O-ring. We are very satisfied with your product and are even more impressed with the design improvements to your current product."

James Wilcox
Salem, OR


"I own a Gulfstar 39’ Sailmaster with a 1’ shaft. A Lasdrop seal has been installed on it for the last 5 years and I am amazed at how well it has withstood the test of time and the sea. There has never been a problem with it. The unit works as advertised and doesn’t leak a drop. I have recommended it to many of my friends and they have all had the same pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a stuffing box."

Richard Haase
Tarpon Springs, FL


"As a professional surveyor, I have been aboard every conceivable type of sail and power yacht. A poor quality or malfunctioning shaft seal produces more grief than any boater needs. Until now I have not been able to recommend one particular system over another.

The Lasdrop Shaft Seal system, in my opinion, is before its time. It is well engineered, dependable, and maintenance free. I would be pleased to recommend it to any of my clients."

Clyde Eaton
Annapolis, MD


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