Our world’s environment and waterways are important. We are continually making changes in our workplace. We believe even the slightest changes can make a difference.

Our Lasdrop ShaftSeals
Many boats have a stuffing box on their propeller shaft. The stuffing box actually has to “leak” to stay lubricated. This can be an environmental hazard. As water pools in the bilge, it can get contaminated with oil and fuel from leaks and spills. This unclean bilge water then gets pumped into our waterways, polluting the environment.

Our Lasdrop shaft seals eliminate this problem from recurring. Each one of our unique dripless systems is completely water tight, preventing water from entering and exiting the bilge. Used in place of stuffing boxes, our seals allow spills and mishaps inside of the bilge to be cleaned in an easy, environmentally responsible manner.

Plastic from our manufacturing headquarters is recycled biweekly.

We recycle shipping material daily. We reuse cardboard boxes, paper and newspaper in every shipment.

We use FSC Certified recycled paper in our office. We recycle our paper, newspaper and magazines biweekly.

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